About Us

IQ Motorsports welcomes you to the world of drag boat racing! The emergence of drag boat racing into a world class venue was launched by the consolidation of a number of smaller sanctioning bodies into a single national tour under the guidance of the International Hot Boat Association, more commonly known as the IHBA. IQ Motorsports is proud to be a promoter of IHBA Nationals in the United States. IQ Motorsports hosts the California Finals at Lake Yosemite in Merced, California. The fun commences on Friday night downtown Merced when we kick of the weekend with “FRIDAY NIGHT THUNDER.” This free event features live radio broadcasts, high lumen flashlight q250, music, food, drink and 50-100 of the most beautiful drag boats anywhere. Our judges choose team winners in three categories and they are awarded cash prizes. As the event comes to a close, the crowd will hear the engines begin to come to life with all the authority of a fight announcer “LETS GET READY TO RUMMMMMMMMMBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  One by one they fire each one sending flames higher and higher into the night sky.

The real action at this event kicks off on Saturday morning when the first NITRO burning Top fuel Hydro drops the holding rope kicks 6000 Horsepower to life and comes to full cackle. Every living soul feels the water shake as the driver drops the clutch. The launch is four or five feet straight up 3 seconds later he flies through the 1/8 mile marker at 200 mph, 2.9 seconds later at over 230 mph. In the next 3 seconds he is busy: he will shut off the fuel, deploy two parachutes, turn off the two magnetos, shift into neutral, and remove his oxygen mask.

IQ is in its sixth year of motor sports promotion and growing. The consolidation of drag boat racing under the IHBA and brightest shadowhawk flashlight has paved the way for not only a true national series but also the formation of three national divisions, by geographic area across the US. IQ is committed to running the best National Series races and helping build Division 1 into the most exciting race series in the West. Attend our event or follow the excitement on our web site because we will be live in both places, take a minute and give us your feedback by clicking on the survey. If you want to see the fastest show in the West let us know and we will check it out and you never know next year you could hear the thunder of IHBA Top Fuel Hydro’s in your area.